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Our Mission

Helpful Heart House serves those on their journey to recovery or in need of secure housing by providing compassionate, clean and sober, shared housing. We are committed to give our residents support, community, and accountability to help them recover, grow and achieve their goals. 

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Our Program

We select homes that are residents can be proud to live in. They are thoughtfully located in areas that give access to services needed for a successful recovery: public transportation, employment opportunities, recreation, and social/health services.


Compassionate shared housing is a method that provides a group of people common purpose, sanctuary, and a supportive environment that leads to a higher likeliness of recovery rather than going at it alone.


In the home, we give structure and accountability through shared house responsibilities and rules. Every resident plays a role in the function of the home.

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Core Values






Open Communication

21772 E Lehigh Pl Aurora CO-print-006-005-Living Room-3600x2400-300dpi.jpg
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